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Public Relations

A news release is your first, and in some cases, your only statement as you reveal a new product, event, issue, or service. At Crown City Marketing we specialize in writing news releases that get noticed. With a critical eye and extensive experience in editing and writing, we can draft your news release, as well as create a final product that is piques the interest of reporters and gains valuable media coverage for your company.

News Release Writing

We specialize in community engagement strategies for clients ranging from nonprofit foundations to family entertainment centers. We provide engaging, fun and thought-provoking content to strengthen our clients’ desired relationships.​​

Community Engagement

At Crown City Marketing, we focus on creating content that keeps readers engaged while providing real value for our clients’ audiences. We create compelling blogs that produce search engine optimized web content. Original created content in the form of blogs is the key to our content marketing strategy, and by distributing it through social media, we drive more traffic to your website, introducing potential new customers for your products and services.

Blog Writing and Distribution

Crown City Marketing can develop, create, plan and execute promotions and events for your company.
We also specialize in third-party tie-ins, sponsorships and partnerships for your next promotion or event.

Crown City Marketing has won several industry awards for their clients in the Special Events and Promotions categories, with the awards based on creative ad campaigns, integrated marketing strategies and the results of the promotions and events themselves.

Special Events and Promotions